Client Testimonials

"Sean is very patient, attentive to detail and an expert in his field. He listened, asked relevant questions and uncovered obstacles in my physical health goals. His work has calmed emotional stresses and alleviated pain in my shoulder and back." Alex Gomez, Sacramento CA.

"Sean has always been a friend to me, and has a fresh, intuitive, deeply caring insight into ways to improve my joy of life, as well as those who surround me. I think he has a gift for overall healing, and in the future, will be an asset and a blessing to anyone he comes in contact with. Thank you Sean." Lara Bossen, Pacific Beach, CA.

Sean has a keen ability to intuitively tune into what may be underlying a person's physical or emotional imbalances. Remotely, he really has an effect as well. While under his "watchful gaze", it feels like something is lifting me up, and out of the mud and turmoil and wrapping me in a field of light and protection. Deborah Del Debbio, Encinitas CA.

"Sean Allen is a healer that reads the person on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I have seen him at various times, and he has always led me in the right direction, as far as what supplements to take, and which protocol to follow. Sean also has guided me to look at my thought patterns, and to switch to a more positive outlook on life.

I also had several phone sessions with Sean, where he helped me immensely. I had an event to attend, but was experiencing a lot of pain from a sore throat, and was thinking of canceling the meet, which was due to start within the hour. Sean went through a process with me, and at once I felt a sense of peace within.

As the call went on he asked how I felt at different intervals. All of a sudden I could swallow with out pain, the flu like symptoms had diminished, and I realized that it was a complete turn around. I felt great and wable to drive for 45 minutes to sit in a 3 hour seminar, drive home late that night, with no repercussions.

I am always happy to refer family and friends to Sean, and to acknowledge their gratitude." Geraldine Foran. Carlsbad CA.